I Might Regret This (Too)

It’s funny how sometimes things in life find us right when we need them. My friend (and former roomie) Danielle and I ended up exchanging Christmas gifts pretty late this year, but, it turns out that kind of worked out. Danielle bought me a copy of I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson.

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A Girl, Her Dog & A Snowy Weekend In

Last weekend a snowstorm hit Kansas City and I welcomed it with open arms. The snow was a perfect excuse to stay in my apartment all weekend without any judgement. (Not that I would care anyway, to be honest.) I have a love/hate relationship with the snow. I love how it looks, and I love how peaceful it can feel. But I hate the inevitable task of digging out my car or getting snow inside of my shoes.

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My Favorite Reads of 2018

I took kind of a holiday break from writing. I’m finally starting to take on my new role at work and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about that and I also have gotten sick twice since the last time I posted so some time off felt necessary. I know we’re already about halfway into January but I wanted to talk about my favorite things I read in 2018.

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44 Thoughts I Had While Watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Last year I obsessively watched  A Christmas Prince. It has everything I love in a Christmas rom-com. I was so excited when I found Netflix was giving us a sequel and decided to document my thoughts as I watched it for the first time. This obviously contains spoilers.

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Boston/Salem Trip Recap

I kind of took a short hiatus from blogging– it was unintentional. I’ll be honest, it’s harder for me to write when I’m happy and life is going well. Which kind of sucks. I love writing but… I obviously am enjoying this whole happy life thing, too. I’m going to try to stay disciplined and get back to the weekly posts. I just have to stay disciplined.

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Stitch Fix: October Unboxing

Nothing makes me feel more confident than a good outfit, but sometimes shopping can be…. not great. I’ve been using Stitch Fix for some time now. I entered my sizes, filled out a style quiz and linked my Pinterest page and I get personalized boxes with 5 items every month. (You can get them as often or as little as you want.) I love it. I try styles I may have never thought would be flattering or would have thought to try before. Here is my October box.
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