About Me

I understand my name IS Samantha, but it doesn’t mean it’s what I want to be called. I’d rather you call me Sam or Sammie. Either will do.


I’m a 27 year old Kansas City native. I’m a Mizzou alumna who traitorously moved to the Kansas side of the state line. I’m dog mom to a German Shepard/Boxer mix named Ringo. Yes, like The Beatles. If “dog mom” offends you take a deep breath. I have a Master’s degree. It was a long two years.

I get to blog for my job, which is awesome, but it’s about the freight industry so I wanted to try my hand at blogging about things in other parts of my life. Hogwarts is my happy place, whether its re-reading the books or watching all of the film adaptations. I love being an aunt, so much that I don’t feel the desire to have kids of my own.

I like to get wine drunk by myself and sing every part to the Hamilton soundtrack. Which I saw live. On Broadway. I’m a self proclaimed book worm and an introvert who tries with no avail to improve.