Afterword Tavern & Shelves: Kansas City

Something I have really been trying to work on is to be a tourist in my own city. Kansas City has so many really cool places that I know I would check out if I were just visiting, but I always put off because I tell myself I have so much time but every once in awhile comes a place I know I have check out sooner rather than later.

Afterword Tavern & Shelves is one of those places. I’ve been chomping at the bit to go as soon as I heard about it.

It’s obvious I am a book lover. I also love good food and cocktails. My friend Raylynn and I decided to meet up for dinner and drinks to check out this new spot. We ordered a charcuterie board to share. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and she ordered a cubano sandwich. Everything looked and tasted delicious.

We ended up spending about four hours in this place just enjoying our drinks, the food, and the atmosphere. I’m not really a goin’ out to the bar kind of girl but this place felt like it was made for me. I was surrounded by books,  people there working on their laptops, and other groups enjoying each other’s company.

After we spent a couple of hours catching up we decided to wander over to the shelves and scour the book selection. It took a lot of self control for me to buy every single book I had on my forever growing TBR list.


I did exhibit some self control and only bought one book. I picked out When All Is Said by Anne Griffin. The description on the dust cover instantly intrigued me. I will definitely tell you all about it after I read it.

I will without a doubt be coming back to this local gem. I love the idea of bringing my laptop, working on some blog posts, with a vodka soda and a plate of food, and an atmosphere full of books and book lovers to keep me company.

Their website describes the tavern as, “a refuge for the thirsty, famished, and inquisitive of Kansas City.”


“It’d be great if there was a bookstore in every bar. You’d wake up in the morning with a strange book next to you…”. — William Giraldi


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