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A little over a week ago I celebrated my 27th birthday. I am the kind of person who stresses over their birthday– and not because I am getting older. That doesn’t bother me (yet). I just hate the idea of having to plan something. It stresses me out. This year I did things right. I just invited a few of the people I actually see on a regular basis and decided to have a Sunday Funday.


Check out that low quality selfie. It’s the only picture I was able to take of all four of us, so deal with it. In honor of 27 I wanted to do my most unoriginal post to date– 27 things about me to commemorate my 27 years on this earth. Here we go.

  1. I was born on March 10, 1992– shoutout to my fellow pisces. We might cry a lot but we are loyal and we care.
  2. I spent my 24th birthday at Universal Studios living out my Hogwarts Dream.10400719_10156728603105151_8818141821227882092_n
  3. I highly criticized and denounced the return of scrunchies but I was this close to buying some at Target the other day. It’s going to happen.
  4. I am going to see Nicholas Sparks speak in Omaha next month. I devoured his books in my teen years. I’d love to get to go to more author talks. (But let’s real nobody can top that time I got to see Maya Angelou speak).
  5. Now I feel like the fact I saw Maya Angelou speak deserves it’s own fact. I was 18 and she came to speak at Mizzou my freshman year. I know I’d appreciate it so much more now that I am older but I knew it was special, even then.
  6.  I’m on my third week of WeightWatchers and this is the longest I have ever consistently stuck out trying to eat better. I’ve lost almost 12 pounds and I’m excited to keep going.
  7. I have seven tattoos. I got my latest the day before my birthday and as my mom said, “It’s just so… Sammie.”53370185_10161817596040151_1280741131495145472_n.jpg
  8. Even though I have all of those tattoos I spent so much time being terrified of piercings. I finally sucked it up last summer and got my nose pierced.
  9. I think about mashed potatoes an amount that can only be described as obsessive and unhealthy.
  10. I am currently watching The Golden Girls all the way through for the first time because I am young and vibrant. /sarcasm
  11.  My first car was a 2002 Grand Prix. I frequently wonder if it is still out on the road.
  12. I am a shit cook but I can watch hours of shows like MasterChef and Chopped.
  13. I dressed up as Rod Kimble from Hot Rod for Halloween this past year and honestly, I think I killed it. Peep the ‘stache.45273214_10161310464015151_115571333642846208_n
  14.  Ice cream is my vice. I think I am physically incapable of denying it. Speaking of…. can someone bring me a blizzard or a concrete or even just a pint of something chocolate?
  15. I also think that I am incapable of seeing a dog out in the world and not pointing it out.
  16. I think the movie I saw in the theatre that scared me the most was 101 Dalmatians. I am not joking. I was 4 and Glenn Close as Cruella DeVil caused me to literally throw my popcorn in fear.
  17. I am a very talented sleeper. I wake up early for work during the week but on the weekends I get up early to take my dog out and then I am out cold much later than probably socially acceptable for 27.
  18. I have lost count of how many times I’ve seen Andrew McMahon live. I can’t even try to count.53730293_10161814553545151_8814089240120918016_n.jpg
  19. I am currently dog-sitting for a friend I am loving it. The only thing better than cuddles from one dog are cuddles from two dogs.
  20. It’s on my bucket list to see a concert at Red Rocks. One of my more attainable goals, for sure. Who is down for a road trip?
  21. The last time I cried was watching Queer Eye. Who decided 8 episodes was enough for one season?!
  22. I am currently very distracted by how disorganized my entry way closet is. I’ve been wanting to tackle it for weeks but I just do not know where to start.
  23. My middle name is Montana. Samantha Montana Latting. I have the same initials as my dad. Neither of us have ever actually been to Montana.13428446_10157166145005151_3686370392062907259_n
  24. The word that got me out in the third grade spelling bee was “bakery.” I added a “C” in there for some reason.
  25. I worked at Old Navy during high school and college and even now, all these years later, I can spot Old Navy merchandise from a mile away. Some things just stuck with you, I guess.
  26. I cannot stand the feel of cotton balls. They give me the heebie jeebies.
  27. I am so excited to see what kind of things my 27th year of life brings my way.

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