Feature Friday: The Love Spot KC

Do you ever look around and realize you have chosen really great people to surround yourself with? Whether that is in real life relationships or the people you choose to follow on social media these choices matters. You don’t have to follow pages that make you anxious or feel bad about yourself.

This conclusion made me want to reach out to and feature some of these people on on Just Not Samantha. I wanted to start with Courtnee Myles who runs The Love Spot KC Instagram. It was her and her page that sparked this idea of celebrating people who are doing really cool things that I am lucky enough to get to watch evolve.

Courtnee grew in Independence and obtained her degree in child development and is currently working as a case manager. She says she’s always been passionate about helping those around her– especially other women.


I asked Courtnee to describe what the page is all about and she said, “The Love Spot KC is a page dedicated to showcasing the diversity and beauty of families and couples while also empowering and supporting women.”


Courtnee first start blogging, but her posting was inconsistent and she wasn’t sure how to choose a niche. (I have been there.) She sat down to think about what she was passionate about that’s where the idea for the page came about.

I wanted to know what inspired this page. When asked Courtnee responded, “What inspired me to start the page was realizing how many beautiful and diverse couples and families there are in Kansas City, so I wanted to pour into that and give these families and couples a platform. The page is not just about posting cute pictures of couples but also giving women promotion and support for their unique businesses or blogs.”

I actually got to be one of the women featured on the page promoting my blog. Ya know, the one you’re reading right now. #BlogCeption. Courtnee started #BombWomenWednesday. You can actually see my post in the screenshot posted above.

When asked to talk about the hashtag Courtnee said, “#BombWomenWednesday is a day dedicated to one woman who is doing amazing things in her community, has a business, blog, or is just simply a bad ass.”

I love that, so much. The hashtag is what inspired me to start writing this post. The idea of talking to women I know who are doing cool or inspiring things gets me excited about writing.

I wanted to know why Courtnee thought it was important for women to support other women and she said, “I mean we’re all women so I feel like it’s only natural to support your fellow sis. But we both know not all women feel the same, but it is definitely important to support one another since were all different and have different paths but I
ultimately believe we have so many similarities and when we come together as one we can do amazing, memorable things.”

We could all use some positivity in our lives and in our Instagram feeds– go follow The Love Spot KC. You can even send in a submission to be featured. All you have to do is follow The Love Spot KC on Instagram and then tag, DM, or use #TheLoveSpotKC hashtag on the picture of your choosing.


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