I’ve Got A Beautiful Feelin’

Last weekend I took a girls trip to Tulsa, and it felt so good to get away– even just to Oklahoma. I also learned that when you tell people that you’re going to Oklahoma “just because” they react like Monica in that episode of Friends.

Feb-22-2019 21-07-25.gif

Just let me live, ya’ll. If it’s good enough for the Hanson brothers, it’s good enough for me.

Despite a rocky time at check in at our hotel, the quick getaway with some close friends is exactly what I needed. I come home feeling full (of food). Of love and positivity, too.

We checked out some really good spots, and ate some really good food. (The central theme here is totally food.)

We ventured to the Gathering Place, had me wishing I was a kid. This place was so freakin’ cool. It’s a riverfront park with various different kind of play areas. They had a sensory garden, an area deemed Slide Vale and another area called Swing Hill dedicated to my favorite park activity– swings.


We checked out the River Spirit Casino, as well. I spent about an hour playing on the same $20 on Simpsons themed slot machine. Kimberly and Danielle did not have quite the same luck. Danielle took advantage of the free soda and Kimberly spotted a Johnny Rocket’s where we all headed to for before dinner milkshakes. We know how to party, people.

Speaking of dinner… I am just going to drop some pictures here of some of the food I devoured while we were away.

Not pictured: Hurt’s Donuts, Whataburger, and some chicken and waffles I will be thinking about for days to come…  It may come as no surprise that after all this binge eating we proceeded to talk about diets and weight loss in our hotel room our last night in town. Kimberly and I totally started Weight Watchers as a result. It’s fine.

I am so grateful I have friends who will go on semi-spontaneous road trips with me. My life isn’t perfect, but it’s mine and it definitely has some perfect parts– and just like the musical Oklahoma says:

I got a beautiful feelin’
Every thing’s goin’ my way

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