I Might Regret This (Too)

It’s funny how sometimes things in life find us right when we need them. My friend (and former roomie) Danielle and I ended up exchanging Christmas gifts pretty late this year, but, it turns out that kind of worked out. Danielle bought me a copy of I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson.


She probably picked it for me because we both love Broad City and are total Abbis. If you do not understand what I am doing go watch every episode of Broad City on Hulu right now! Okay… actually finish reading this post and then go binge watch the show.

Anyway…. the book ended up dropping into my lap when I really needed it. Thanks, Universe (and Danielle).


Abbi took a cross-country road trip alone to help her get over and process a breakup and the heartbreak that comes with it. This book documents that journey (with some cool extra stories including ones about Broad City and meeting Ilana Glazer for the first time).

“…the trickier things. The confusion, the disagreements, the lack of. The need for space and yearning for togetherness. The distance. The feeling like I wasn’t good enough, the fear. All of those things and all of the others I can’t try to write about. All of the things that make love impossible to explain. All the things I didn’t understand before. It’s all in there, the bad inside the good. And then, it was abruptly over.” 

I started reading this book approximately 3 days after getting my heart broken. It was raw. It was fresh. But it felt like, as I was reading, Abbi was feeling it in solidarity with me. I immediately starting looking up AirBnbs that were dog friendly that were close enough to get away for a weekend but far enough to feel removed.

I didn’t end up booking anything. But then, to my rescue, my friend Kim decided that we, along with Danielle, needed to plan a girls trip because I needed it. We talked about some various places accessible enough to get away quickly. We settled on Tulsa. I’ve never been and I’ve been told I need to see an Oklahoma sky before I die. Ok– maybe I heard that in a Carrie Underwood song but still, I am taking it very seriously. I’ll take any recommendations for things we must see/visit/eat while on our trip.

We decided to go next month. Having something to look forward and plan has been a huge positive. While I don’t have a solo cross-country road trip to help me try to understand things I do have a really amazing support system of friends who have acted as sounding boards, therapists, and just people I can lean on. So, Thank you Abbi Jacobson and all of the people I am lucky enough to call my friends.


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  1. My BFF’s humored my love of Pioneer Woman and Hanson enough to join me for a girls trip to Tulsa in September! We spent a day in Pawhuska for all the Pioneer Woman stuff, but downtown Tulsa is really cute. Be careful on the drive down! I fell victim to a speed trap in BFE Kansas. Hope your girls trip heals your heart girl.

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