44 Thoughts I Had While Watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Last year I obsessively watched  A Christmas Prince. It has everything I love in a Christmas rom-com. I was so excited when I found Netflix was giving us a sequel and decided to document my thoughts as I watched it for the first time. This obviously contains spoilers.

Without further ado here are 44 thoughts I had while watching A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. 

  1. They drive on the right side of the road in Aldovia? Aren’t they in Europe?
  2. Holy crap– THAT RING!
  3. Amber’s dad is totally a different actor, but he seems cool so I’m going to roll with it.
  4. Uh oh… that newspaper headline doesn’t look good.
  5. Oh okay, someone stealing a cab again. Is Amber going to fall in love with this guy, too?
  6. I have a feeling Mr. Zabala is going to be the hero we all need here.
  7. You expect me to believe there wouldn’t be some royal snow plower to take care of that snow in the road?
  8. Ohhhh they subtly addressed that her dad is different. “He looks different in person– I thought he had a goatee.”
  9. This bridal suite is bigger than my apartment and childhood home combined.
  10. Okay that was a bad poem but I would still think it was cute. Someone tell Justin. Jk. Kind of.poem.nocrop.w710.h2147483647
  11. Of course this guy is the wedding planner. JVN is probably my dream replacement for this guy, TBH.
  12. Mrs. Averill is a stick in the mud.
  13. The country is bleeding money and no one knows why? Sounds like a job for a journalist!
  14. The dress design looks like it has a doggie cone at the top
  15. OMG IT’S SIMON’S BITCH ASS. The scruff on his face indicates he’s having some troubles after trying to betray Richard and steal his crown.Screen_Shot_2018_11_30_at_7.50.17_AM
  16. Oh this Chef is a hard ass. She is not amused nor impressed with Rudy’s diner ownership.
  17. DUN DUN DUN. It is a disheveled Simon come to the castle.
  18. Princess Emily is the true star of this movie
  20. You have to get in the heartfelt gift of a locket with a picture of her mom in it.
  21. What a very strange fairy tale explaining the existence of Santa, but i’ll roll with it.
  22. Do we trust Simon? Are we supposed to do? He has a degree in Economics from Oxford, he says!
  23. I definitely do not trust this Lord Leopold dude, though.
  24. A sleigh ride through the snow to pick-out a Christmas tree? How romantic. Cold, but romantic.
  25. Would they really just let all these people in the palace for a Christmas play?
  26. Aw, young love!
  27. And cue the waterworks from Chef Ivana
  28. Amber finna get in trouble for posting this. I know it.
  29. Her friends do not talk like real human adults.
  30. Ohhhh, what did I say? Her post was REMOVED.
  31. Rudy and Chef Ivana: Will they or won’t they?
  32. “Do you really want to insult the crown, Miss Moore?” So dramatic.
  33. Amber’s journalistic notes have somehow gotten worse. Maybe this is why the publication they worked for no longer exists.sequence
  34. Friend #1 whose name I do not remember looked kind of longingly at Simon during their escape from the bar…
  35. Richard better grow a spine.
  36. Okay, he grew one.
  37. I told you i didn’t trust that Leopold guy.
  39. Aw shit. So there IS a dungeon!
  40. Okay pyrotechnics on a Christmas tree is probably not safe.
  41. She threw a fit about her dress and then chose this one? I don’t get it.5a4cb5d40d798feb5f227f5f714af7b3a0f564cd (1)
  42. Cue the Converse.
  43. This wedding officiant does not look very royal.
  44. Yes, let’s all do a Conga Line outside in the snow.

I think I prefer the original, but I better watch both a few more times just to be sure. *wink wink*

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