She Got Off the Plane

This may be my most controversial post to date. Buckle up, readers. Friends debuted out 24 years ago, but with its release on Netflix there has been a whole new generation of viewers and in the Buzzfeed era I’ve seen so many articles and listicles talking about how much they hate Ross Gellar.


I’m not here to argue about why you should like Ross. You’re entitled to that opinion, and he’s not my favorite character either– although he does delivery some really quotable lines. “I’m making FAJITAS!” is a personal favorite, as well as the entire concept of The Holiday Armadillo. What I am here to talk about is why I’m glad Rachel got off the plane.

Let’s start by saying I am all for a girl choosing career and adventure over a relationship if that is what she wants. In fact, I still stand firm in the belief that Lauren Conrad should have gone to Paris. BUT LAUREN CONRAD DIDN’T HAVE A BABY WITH THE MAN SHE WAS LEAVING BEHIND.

You can’t have a baby with someone, and move to another continent, and plan to somehow make splitting time work. I’ve heard people say that Ross didn’t care about Rachel taking Emma, but honestly, I chalk that up to lazy writing versus an actual character flaw.

I know there are plenty of important things going on in the world, but this topic has been rolling around in my head for weeks and I just needed to release my official statement on why I’m glad that Rachel got off the plane. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


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