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After buying tickets months in advance for the Taylor Swift show the day finally came! Saturday my sister and I took my niece and nephew to their very first concert, and I’m so glad that I got to have that experience with them. Concerts are my favorite thing in the world. You have something in common with everyone there, and it’s the perfect way to escape reality just for a little bit. I loved getting to share that part with them, too.


I remember my first concert pretty well. I was 5, and my mom took my sister and I to see Hanson. It was a free show and it was a full out shit show. My mom lost her phone, I couldn’t see the stage, and there were way too many people, but I was so happy to be there. It set into motion a lifelong love of concerts, and I really hope I was able to spark that into my niece and nephew, too.

I expected Gracie to be excited, and dance, and really her enjoy herself but seeing my nephew get into too was so cool. When we got to the venue we all received bracelets that would light up with different colors at different intervals throughout the show. It was a really cool sight to see across an entire stadium. DaKota was enamored with watching his bracelet light up with the music.

I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift since day one so I think I was just as excited as the kiddos, although this wasn’t my first time seeing her perform. I actually saw her when she was an opening act for Braid Paisley.

Gracie and I skipped through the parking lot into the venue while she exclaimed, “WE’RE GOING TO SEE THE REAL TAYLOR AND I AM SO EXCITED!” I, of course, responded with a “ME TOO!” Watching her face when she realized Taylor was about to come out was so priceless. There was so much joy on her face.


As expected, the show was incredible– and record breaking! This show set the attendance record for Arrowhead Stadium! Taylor has a flair for theatrics and the show included amazing dancers, props, fireworks, and even fire. I could feel the heat from the flames on my face. I heard all of my new favorite songs from Reputation but there were even a few unexpected older tracks– Should’ve Said No, The Story of Us, and Long Live– the song this post is named after. Taylor has a way of making a stadium concert feel like an intimate show, which may be one of my favorite things about seeing her in concert. I love when artists stop to talk, and share stories. 

One notable moment that made me laugh probably harder than it should have was Taylor’s admission of a cold, and then asking us to possibly all cheer really loudly, so she could blow her nose without all of us hearing it happen. Girl has got to keep it real.


It’s been 12 years of learning every Taylor Swift lyric, and I see no end in sight. 

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