Dear Jack

Andrew McMahon is hands down my favorite musical artist. I have seen him live more times than I can count and have met him 5 times. He was SO KIND every single time. The man has never, across all of his many projects, put out a song I do not like.

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Andrew was diagnosed with cancer the day he wrapped the Everything in Transit album. He was saved by a bone marrow transplant. He then went on to write a song that got me through the loss of my grandpa— Swim. I would just play the song on repeat and it would keep me tethered to reality, no matter how hard I felt I was slipping. I cry, or nearly cry, every time I hear this song performed live. I got a tattoo to commemorate that for myself– waves across my back, centered under my neck. My head will always remain above water.

Back in April, after literal years of contemplation, I signed up to be on the registry of bone marrow donors. It felt like the only real way to pay forward what Andrew’s music has done for me over the last 10 years. 16 to 26 is quite a ride.

Every year the Dear Jack Foundation, founded by Andrew, hosts a benefit show. This year that show is in Boston on November 11th. It’s one of my bucket list items. I, half jokingly, retweeted the show announcement and asked if anyone wanted to go. Danielle replied with an, “I’m down.” Next thing I knew we had tickets purchased and flights booked. 

Something tells me this show is going to be a special one, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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