Let’s Try This Again…

A blog is something I’ve tried and given up on so many times. I’m starting Just Not Samantha to give it another go.

I know I have a lot to say, I’m just not so sure anyone really cares to hear it or if it’s even worth saying out loud sometimes. That’s not meant to be self deprecating either. It’s just self aware. For example, the following are thoughts I have on the regular that really don’t need to be put out into the universe yet here I am, doing it:

  • I understand my name IS Samantha, but it doesn’t mean it’s what I want to be called. Sam or Sammie will do just fine. The only person who was allowed to call me Samantha without a cringe from me was my grandpa.
  • J.C Chasez deserved a better solo career. He also shares a birthday with my big sister. How’s that for a fun fact?
  • Kraft blue box mac and cheese is superior to the Velveeta shells. I battled my mom on this for years. So we kept both in the cabinet.
  • Ketchup is garbage sweet tomato water.
  • If I were rich the first thing I’d do for myself is get a pair of jeans tailored to fit me perfectly. I’m ill-proportioned. What’s it like to wear jeans without a belt and have them STAY WHERE THEY BELONG?! Alternate universe rich me knows.

See? Unimportant, nonsensical, but maybe if I wrote them down they’ll stop swirling through my head on the daily and I can pour them on out of my brain and concentrate on the more important things like trying to be a better person, being more involved in political change, and paying off my student loans. LOL yeah right, my student loans may as well be my husband. Or should I say wife? Whaddup, Sallie Mae. ‘Till death do us part.

I’m going to use this an outlet to talk about books, music, movies, current events and experiences I think are worth noting, remembering or laughing about. I am hoping that the fact I put out a blog every week for my job I’ll have to discipline to do the same here. I am in grad school, so anything to procrastinate, right?


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